The Writing Worlds of Debra Killeen

Welcome to the imaginary world of Myrridia and its environs....


Debra Killeen is the author of the 5-volume award-winning fantasy series, The Myrridian Cycle, consisting of An Unlikely Duke, A Prince in Need, Legacy of the Archbishop, Priestess Awakening and Kingdom in the Balance.  Her current writing project is the Unholy War trilogy, and she has plans for a few short stories and a paranormal mystery series. 

A psychic friend once told Ms. Killeen she would write 25 books.  The next time Debra visited the same friend the number had gone to "don't ask."  She clearly still has a way to go....

Ms. Killeen resides in the Triangle area of NC, where she shares a home with her sister, the author Diana Bastine, and three exceptional cats:  Finn, Osiris and Isis.